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In keeping with the state mandated requirements for businesses in the "personal care" business we must enforce the following guidelines:

- If you are feeling ill, CORONA virus or otherwise, it is always advised you seek medical attention and postpone your apointment until you are feeling better.

-Once you are fully recovered we would be happy to reschedule your appointment.


Thank you for your understanding.

Your "temple" Is Important To Us.


Joe's Body Shop strives to bring peace and harmony to your body, mind, heart and spirit through a wide variety of energy work techniques. Whether your need is overall energy work, or integrative sessions where we blend energy work, chakra balancing, auric clearings and emotional release work...we will do our very best to give you the ultimate experience in your healing session.


Enjoy your customized session based on your specific needs.  We begin your session with purposeful, intentional listening.  We listen to your explanation of what ails you, we listen to your body as you enter the shop, as you sit, and to every motion you make...because you speak volumes with your body as well as with your speech.

Sessions usually run an hour total:  5 to 10 minutes of consultation/prep time and 50 to 55 minutes or so on the table.  Longer sessions are available by special request. 

Joe's Body Shop