Joe's Body Shop has been serving the Colorado Springs community since 1996 and consistently exceeds clients' expectations.  We provide a sensory experience which addresses the whole body, mind, heart and spirit.  Muscles relax, tension subsides, and you are left to explore and renew the inner self.  You are sure to feel like a new person... uplifted, renewed and with a bounce in your step.

Joe's Body Shop

I am a massage therapist and have been getting massage from Joe for years whenever I come to work the Celebration Fairs in Colorado.  Joe, is without a doubt, one of the very best and effective therapists I have ever experienced.  His work is deep but gentle.  If I lived in the Springs, he would be my regular therapist... you MUST get an appointment with him... your body will be grateful.

Elizabeth P.

I have had many massage therapists and I am very picky - If you have been searching- this is the place! Joe is awesome... he combines a variety of techniques to create your very personalized experience to help you with your specific needs!!

Sylvia S.

I have been worked on by all kinds of massage therapists everywhere I have traveled and I have never felt so good as I have after one of Joe's sessions.  Joe can feel where my pains are and he knows exactly what my body will tolerate while he relieves my aches.  Best massage sessions I have ever experienced!

Hannah R.

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